Diesel Tank and Decontamination Specialists
We offer a full range of services comprising of:


Fuel sampling and independent analysis:

This allows you to determine your fuel quality and risk status.


also see:


Mobile tank cleaning service:

We offer a cost effective simple procedure without any of the negatives that the existing procedures involved such as decommissioning tanks and disposing of vast quantities of fuel. Our patented fuel remediation and scavenging technology incorporated on all our systems allows us to generate the least amount of diesel fuel waste (less than 1% of TC excluding water and debris). This is substantially less than other conventional filtration systems provide (some in the market have proven to generate up to 50%). Apart from the substantial savings on disposal and fuel replacement costs, this effectively makes our service much cheaper than other processes. The additional environmental impact on the reduction in waste generation is massive.


Supply and installation of maintenance and monitoring systems to the tanks:

These systems serve a dual purpose, as a maintenance system that continually maintains fuel quality of the fuel in the tank, secondly in the event that a fuel drop/supply is contaminated with high volumes of contaminant (a more frequent scenario that one would believe), the system will alarm and alert you to this, thus affording you the opportunity of taking proactive remediation steps


Supply and installation of in line and dispensing fuel filtration and conditioning solution:

These provide assurance that contamination from tank to tank will be addressed and prevent downstream supply contamination.

It is important to note that our technology and services do not only involve tank bottom water and debris extraction (which is what is generally currently offered in the market place) but the additional vital requirements of comprehensive fuel and environment remediation, consisting of:

1. Removal of tank bottom/free water, debris and solid contaminants.
2 Removal of bio-film build up (accumulation on tank walls and if applicable, baffles/supports).
3. Removal of entrained and more importantly emulsified water.
4. Elimination of microbe/bacterial growth and activity from the entire fuel environment, without the use of toxic biocides (not just the visible microbe components on the water interface).
5. Remediate the actual fuel integrity, by reversing the natural and accelerated deterioration process that occurs in all diesel fuel.

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